Everyday Eco-Friendly Swaps for Earth Day

Charlie Webb

The 22nd April of every year is 'Earth Day'. And while it seems strange to have just one day of the year dedicated to protecting the future of this wonderful orb we call home, it's no bad thing to use Earth Day to raise our consciousness of the role we all need to play in protecting our planet's future, every day of the year.

So what would a more earth-friendly everyday look like? Our friends over at PARO STORE have put together a blog post featuring some simple changes we can make in our lives that will add up to make a big impact on the planet. 

PARO STORE showcases emerging designers who are driving the fashion industry towards a sustainable future. The industry behind the clothing we wear is one of the most damaging to the planet, and they don’t want to stand for the status quo. They only stock independent brands who design and produce awesome clothing in a way that’s better for people and our planet. Good design, that’s good for the world.

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