How to gift wrap the eco-friendly way

Charlie Webb

Most wrapping paper is designed to be used once and binned. Even though it is paper and most people will put it in the recycling, it will still end up in landfill. This is because the fibres are not strong enough to recycle and the paper is often dyed, laminated and contains colouring, glitter and plastics. Plus it will normally have plastic sticky tape attached to it.

In the UK, we send 5 million tonnes of paper to landfill every year and on average, it takes 6 mature trees to make a tonne of paper - that’s 30 million trees! Each year, a forest the size of Wales is required to provide all the paper used in Britain. Not to mention the water and resources that are required to grow those 30 million trees.

There are a few things that we can do to reduce the impact of wrapping paper on the environment.


Buy recycled and recyclable wrapping paper

The Vera-Bees love Re-wrapped, a designer-led company based in London that uses 100% recycled unbleached paper and only environmentally-friendly, vegan vegetable-based inks, meaning all their products are completely recyclable and/or compostable. We stock lots of their gorgeous designs at Vera-Bee and because it is thick and top quality, it can be reused over and over again. See our collection here. 


Use fabric gift wrap

This is designed to be used infinitely. We love the Vera-Bee Upcycled Sari Gift Wraps which are made in Nepal by a Fairtrade-certified business. Every wrap is unique and can be used again for another gift. Or gift it with the present as a scarf or hair tie. Or, if you have any pretty fabric lying around your house, cut it into squares using pinking shears or scour charity shops for fabric or scarves which you can use as wrap. The great thing about using fabric is that you don’t even need tape or string - simply wrap it the Furoshiki way like in our picture. See our tutorial below. You can take a look at our Upcycled Sari Wraps here.



Ditch the plastic sticky tape

Opt for recycled twine, cotton string or paper tape instead. Our Vera-Bee patterned paper tape is one of our bestsellers, as is our range of recycled and compostable strings. See the collection here.


Go for compostable and biodegradable raffia, ribbon and bows

Many are made of plastic or polyester and can’t be recycled and don’t break down in landfill. All Vera-Bee’s gift wrap accessories are completely plastic free, biodegradable and reusable. You can see these here. 


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    Love these gift wrap ideas, especially the fabrics…. Thank u! 🥰

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    Wonderful idea

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