Reasons to switch to an eco-friendly cleaning regime

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31 Days, 31 Ways to an eco-friendly New Year


Day 5 - Switch to an eco-friendly cleaning regime

Look after yourself, your family and the planet by switching to greener cleaning. We have a whole range of eco-friendly cleaning products, tested and loved by the Vera-Bees here.

Here are just five reasons why you and the planet will be happier.


Reduce your plastic waste

Household cleaning products make up a large amount plastic waste. There are so many fantastic plastic-free alternatives on the market. Our favs include the Planet Detox range and Iron & Velvet’s water soluble sachets which can be made up in glass bottles or refill plastic bottles you already have at home.


Save Money

Water soluble sachets like Iron & Velvet work out cheaper than many supermarket cleaning products. Each sachet is £2 and makes up 500ml of cleaning product. Or, cheaper still, make your own. Wellness Mama has a fantastic blog post here which lists loads of easy recipes to clean every part of your home using a selection of basic ingredients. We stock a lot of these like Citric Acid and Percarbonate of Soda in our online shop.


Cleaner air

Toxins and chemicals in many supermarket cleaning products can cause eye, nose and throat irritation, headaches, dizziness and even respiratory impairment. By using natural cleaning products, you’ll know exactly what‘s in them. Essential oils also smell a lot nicer than overpowering chemical scents.


Cleaner waterways

Toxic chemicals from cleaning products such as dish soaps, floor cleaners, all-purpose sprays, and detergents are flushed down the drain and can enter our waterways. Toxins can contaminate water sources and be harmful to aquatic life.


Make cleaning easier

Fewer products to choose from makes life easier. You don’t need a different product for each cleaning task. Using an eco-friendly and all-purpose option will allow you to tackle multiple cleaning jobs in your house at the same time.


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