Reduce your carbon footprint by turning it off, off

Charlie Webb


31 Days, 31 Ways to an eco-friendly New Year


Day 8 - Turn it off, off

Reduce your carbon footprint and save money by breaking the standby habit.

We've all opted for the lazy option and left our appliances on standby instead of turning them off at the mains, but did you know that The Energy Savings Trust states that up to £80 a year is wasted in the average home due to appliances being left on standby. That's a lot of electricity (and money) wasted.

So, if you want to do your bit for the planet and your pocket, turn it off, off.

The worst standby offenders to look out for are:


Mobile Phone Chargers



Games Consoles (these guys are particularly bad, consuming almost the same power as when they are being used).

One of the easiest ways is to have multi-socket extensions so you can switch everything off in one go. Make sure you choose one with surge protection that will protect your equipment from any mains spikes. There are also remote control devices available that allow you to switch off all appliances when you leave the house. Or try intelligent energy-saving plugs and switches that turn off multiple but related devices at the same time.

And when you leave a room, turn off the lights (unless there are other people still in the room as we find this causes arguments). A small act, but one that over time will save on your electricity bill and cut down on your carbon footprint.

Imagine how much we could reduce carbon emissions if we all did these simple things!


With kindness,

Charlie & Colette



Image by Denny Franzkowiak from Pixabay


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