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Charlie Webb


31 Days, 31 Ways to an eco-friendly New Year


Day 2 - Use eco-friendly washing up brushes & sponges

We stock lots of different natural brushes, scourers and sponges all vegan, cruelty-free and plastic-free.



Many commercial washing-up brushes contain plastic bristles and handles. You may not realise but your plastic washing-up brush affects the environment in one other key way: every time you use it, you are washing micro-particles of plastic down the drain. These particles are small enough to get through the filtration systems at water treatment plants, and can end up in waterways and oceans.

And most kitchen scourers, sponges and dish brushes are made from plastic that will be used a few times and then thrown away where they’ll end up in landfill. We can be fooled onto thinking we are saving money when we can buy several sponges for £1! But they do not last, add to our plastic pollution and encourage single-use plastic consumption! Buy once and buy well.

Using a natural washing-up brush, scourer or plant-based sponge will make a huge difference to your plastic waste. Not only that they last much longer, they get the job done - our coconut bristles brushes photographed are non-scratch and remove burnt food off saucepans and baking trays with ease!

This is an easy swap that will make you wonder why we used plastic in the first place for washing-up! These will also save you money. Our personal coconut brushes and scourers have been going for over a year now and we just give them a good clean in boiling water and washing-up soap every couple of weeks. You can even put the scourers in the dishwasher to clean!

An easy eco-friendly, sustainable swap.


With kindness,

Charlie & Colette



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