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Charlie Webb


31 Days, 31 Ways to an eco-friendly New Year


Day 7 - Switch to plastic free, natural shampoos and conditioners

Ditch the plastic, ditch the toxins. Your hair, your body and the planet will love you for it.
Many people fear the dreaded “transition period” when switching from commercial hair care products to natural ones where your scalp can feel itchy or oily as it gets used to the new formula. However, natural hair care has come a long way and many newer products don’t have a transition period at all. So, you can get glorious, natural hair from your first wash.


Here’s five reasons why you should make the switch

The planet will love you for it. Firstly, you’ll reduce your plastic waste. Say no to plastic bottles and yes to shampoo and conditioner bars or products in glass or aluminium. Aluminium can be recycled endlessly without creating any waste - an incredible 75% ever made is still in use today! Secondly, you won’t be contributing to waterway contamination. Commercial products contain toxins and chemicals that get washed down the plughole and into our water system. Not only can they be harmful to aquatic and wildlife, they can end up recycled back into our drinking water.


It has positive benefits for your health. When you wash your hair with a chemical-based shampoo, your hair follicles absorb those toxins. Toxins which can cause skin lipid damage, hormonal imbalances, and endocrine disruption. A 2016 study at the University of California found that taking a break from shampoos with chemical ingredients lead to a significant drop in levels of hormone-disrupting chemicals in the participants.


You’ll get the best hair of your life. If you’ve been using a lot of chemical-based products on your hair and scalp, then your hair probably isn’t going to be able to grow as well as it can. Natural hair care products focus on nourishing and moisturising your locks. While supermarket shampoos and conditioners tend to be packed with water and “fillers”, natural products are super concentrated with ingredients which will love you and your hair.


You’ll save money. Because natural products don’t contain all that water and fillers, you get more actual product for your money which means you don’t need to use as much. Plus you won’t be tempted to buy products that you don’t actually need.


Natural products clean your hair better than conventional shampoo. Conventional shampoos strip away your natural oils which can leave your hair dull and dry. Natural products don’t strip your hair - they gently clean by washing away dirt and excess oil while using ingredients to nourish your scalp and hair.


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