Why your bum should love bamboo

Charlie Webb

According to National Geographic, the production of toilet roll wipes out 27,000 trees a day – almost 9 million a year. The average British consumer gets through 127 rolls a year. And all that toilet roll comes packaged in single use plastic which can’t be recycled and ends up sitting in landfill for the next few hundred years.

Your average supermarket toilet roll also contains bleach, BPA, formaldehyde, de-inking agents, chlorine dioxide, sodium sulphide, sodium hydroxide, sodium sulphate, anti-slime agents, filler, adhesives, wet strength enhancers and more… All these chemicals are bad for your health, poison waterways and damage the environment.

Bamboo makes amazingly soft toilet paper (much softer than recycled loo roll). It is strong and absorbent but breaks down better than traditional toilet paper in water - great news for our waterways and your plumbing. Bamboo is also the fastest-growing plant in the world - 35 inches per day or 1.5 inches per hour. It is an incredible, eco-friendly and renewable resource.

It can be difficult to find bamboo toilet rolls that aren’t wrapped in plastic in the supermarket. But there are quite a few companies who now offer FREE delivery straight to your door. Here are our favourites (prices are for one off purchase though all are cheaper if you subscribe):


🧻 Naked Sprout

The UK’s most sustainable toilet roll and Vera-Bee favourite. 100% organic bamboo, zero bleach, zero plastic, zero chemicals. With double-length rolls, they are the same price per sheet as leading supermarket brands. £23.50 for 24 rolls, £39.99 for 48. Visit them here >>> https://nakedsprout.uk/


🧻 Who Gives A Crap

Crowdfunded into life to try and make a difference in the world, they donate 50% of their profits to help build toilets and improve sanitation in the developing world. Go for their Premium 100% Bamboo Toilet Paper. £26 for 24 rolls, £40 for 48. https://uk.whogivesacrap.org/


🧻 bumboo UK

Beautifully soft luxury bamboo toilet roll, sourced from FSC certified co-operatives. It’s tree-free, plastic-free and offers free home delivery. Plus, they plant a tree for every box purchased. £22.50 for 24 rolls, £40 for 48. You can also opt out of individual wrappers for each roll, making them a bit cheaper. https://www.bumboo.eco/



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