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Beauty Kubes

2017 was a year in which the world started to wake up to the damaging effects that plastic is having on our environment.

Beauty Kube's parent company is Eve of St. Agnes, an award-winning natural beauty brand and last year, they made the decision to remove all plastic bottles from their product ranges. They wanted to go a step further and go plastic free with their entire zero waste range.

They set themselves the challenge to create a range of solid shampoo and beauty products that were entirely free from plastics and vegan friendly. Although a lot of plastic bottles in the UK are recyclable, not many of them actually make it to the recycling bin. In fact in the UK 16 MILLION PLASTIC BOTTLES EVERY DAY are not recycled but end up in landfill, or discarded.

Most plastic bottles in the UK are manufactured in China, so they have already travelled nearly a third of the way around the world before they get to the UK. Each plastic bottle will be placed within an individual plastic bag, to protect it on its journey - that's a lot of plastic!!!

So the concept of Beauty Kube's solid shampoo cubes was born, thanks to inspiring programmes such as the BBC's Blue Planet II and the work of local Cornish based charity, Surfers Against Sewage. They also read some eye-opening and frightening statistics from The Dame Ellen Macarthur Foundation regarding the sheer volume of plastic entering the world's oceans.

They wanted to offer a high performing alternative to shampoo bars and they hope you will agree that they have achieved that with their award-winning range.

All of Beauty Kube's plastic free products are made by hand, aided with some specialised equipment in their manufacturing facility in Cornwall, UK. Their facility is powered by green energy from solar and wind turbines.

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