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Earth Conscious

Earth Conscious is the award-winning, natural, plastic-free deodorant.

When the Earth Conscious founders had children, their long held views about being Earth-kind became even more important. Along with growing world awareness that everyone’s responsible for what happens next, came a real urgency for them to limit their impact on the planet they eventually leave behind. Being Earth Conscious became their mantra and then their product range. They love that everyday they can make a difference for their family and yours.

They experimented at home to develop a range of deodorants and baby balm from high quality, natural ingredients and tested their super gentle creations on Earth Conscious humans. Everyone loved them and they're now making, packaging and selling their products nationwide from premises on the beautiful Isle of Wight.

Earth Conscious believe ethical and ecological choices should be accessible to all so you’ll find their products last for months. The recyclable tins and compact plastic-free cardboard tubes are robust and small enough to take wherever you go. With no nasties, just simple natural ingredients that allow the body to perspire as nature intended, their family of followers just gets bigger. Earth Conscious - making a difference everyday!