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Fresh Therapies

Nicola Dickinson is the founder and wearer of many hats of Fresh Therapies.

As a beauty therapist, Nicola wasn’t allowed to grow long nails and wearing coloured nail polish was a waste of time when using nail polish remover day in, day out. The constant washing of hands in between clients made her nails dry, weak and dehydrated.

She was also hearing the same messages from so many ladies: Going through the menopause, handling paper all day during the day job, washing hands constantly, working out in the cold and many more. ‘My nails are awful or ruined’ was the most common response.

This is when Nicola set about finding nailcare products that were nourishing, moisturising, had non-toxic ingredients, had a delicate aroma, were easy to use and eco-friendly, and with as much plastic-free packaging as possible.

Fresh Therapies natural nail care was born. Nicola created a nicer smelling, natural nail polish remover which doesn’t strip the natural oils from your nails, topped off with the glass nail file to leave the nails smoother to the touch.