GoodToBee Organic Cotton Beeswax Wraps | Handmade & Plastic Free | Vera-Bee


Founder of GoodToBee, Madeleine, never intended to save the planet – she was just a Mum juggling a busy life until her ‘lightbulb’ moment in 2018. But now, building an ethical and sustainable family business is so much more than just creating beautiful organic and plastic-free products.

Madeleine's family were asked to take part in the BBC’s plastic challenge, saving their waste for just one week as a small glimpse into the amount of waste just one family can produce. They were already quite ‘eco friendly’ with reusable water bottles and shopping bags so Madeleine was interested to see the results.

We are usually blissfully unaware of the amount of plastic and food waste we create and although we’ve all seen the vast piles of rotting rubbish in the media it’s not until we have to face our own rubbish square in the face that reality really hits home. The desperation Madeleine felt sat on the floor surrounded by mounds of plastic and rotting food will stay with her forever.

So, she created GoodToBee to help other families, just like her own, save food waste and plastic with vibrant, beautifully designed products that withstand busy family life and empower people that their actions can be heard.

On her own, she is just one voice but together we can change the world, and with your help we are.