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Iron & Velvet

There is a problem with plastic – it causes harm to all organisms through toxic pollutants, and takes hundreds of years to break down, making it a long-lasting issue. This is why at Iron & Velvet they developed, produced and started selling a plastic free cleaning solution.

Cleaning products are on the list of the everyday essentials we use at home and buy regularly. Creating a plastic free item that can be used on a daily basis will make a huge difference to the environment, one spray at a time.

Iron & Velvet's vision is to offer 100% plastic free, earth kind, water soluble sachet solutions made from natural ingredients, for different cleaning uses, that are also effective on dirt and stains. So they developed water-soluble sachets that you can pop into a reusable cleaning bottle, add water, shake and then refill when needed. It is a simple but effective process to help save waste and ultimately the environment!

They're proud of the wide range of products we’ve created and have gone over and above even their own high expectations.

SIMPLE: Just drop, fill, shake and repeat. Drop one of Iron & Velvet's sachets into your reusable bottle, fill with water and shake to dissolve. No plastic waste.

NATURAL: Plant derived, sustainably sourced. Once diluted, their products are comprised of 99% natural ingredients. Their active ingredients are plant-derived and sustainably-sourced and their fabulous fragrances use pure essential oils wherever possible.

KIND: Vegan friendly and cruelty free. They don’t use any animal-derived products and they never will. They don’t test on animals and they wont work with anyone who requires animal testing.

LOCAL: Iron & Velvet develop, manufacture and dispatch their products from their offices and factory in the heart of the West Midlands. Their small team of highly-skilled staff ensure all the plastic free cleaning items are delivered using the lowest carbon footprint possible!