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Kind Bag

Kind Bag is a young and passionate company based in Hackney, London, established in 2019. Back then, Kind Bag founder, Maria, started Kind Bag with her own savings with a big mission to combat plastic pollution.

Maria grew up in Tenerife, the Canary Islands, surrounded by the beautiful ocean and developed an early appreciation of the natural world. Initially, a career in law beckoned, but Maria began to feel her calling lay elsewhere and it was following a stint of travelling around Asia, where her eyes were opened to the effects of plastic pollution. Although she had always been aware of environmental issues, this was her wake-up call.

Maria then decided to focus all her efforts on designing a product that would help reduce the plastic mountain and that is also attractive to everyone. Struggling to find a bag that was strong enough to fit her grocery shopping and belongings, as well as one that looked good, the idea for Kind Bag was born!

Since then, so many of you joined her mission and Kind Bag has now rescued over 3 million plastic bottles from going to landfill and the ocean.

Now, with a few more team members whose values strongly align with Maria's mission, Kind Bag is, day by day, becoming a stronger force for good against plastic pollution!