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Jesse and Rachel, founders of kooshoo are actively shaping the future they wish to live in. A future where we all feel the awe, peace and balance of nature so deeply that we are inspired to protect and preserve it. They want to make their mark on the world without leaving a mark on the planet.

They started KOOSHOO as one small change that could make a big difference. They want to live more than a better life, they want to truly do good. Part of this greater mission is to leave this beautiful planet and its beings in better shape than they found it. To be fully transparent and respectful of their impact on the environment, on communities and on individuals. Each day they work together to create a lifestyle that feels balanced, joyful, inspired, and grateful.

Jesse and Rachel's current “home base” (headquarters) is Norfolk Island in the South Pacific, where Rachel grew up, and where her family has been for seven generations. They speak a unique and special blend of 18th Century English and Tahitian. In the beautiful language of Norfuk, “KOOSHOO” means “feeling good.”