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MACK has developed a unique range of biotech cleaning products aimed specifically at the domestic market. They are not only eco-friendly they are also extremely effective.

Two years ago, the MACK biotech range was launched into some pretty intense manufacturing environments, traditionally the stronghold of old fashioned cleaning technologies. It performed better, cost less and was not dangerous to the people who used them.

MACK were loved by all the Facilities Managers in all the land. So, the guys at MACK put their three heads together (there are three of them) and their three heads thought, how about we develop this incredible product for the domestic market? Until now there have been two options available; the chemical heavy, old fashioned harmful one or the plant based, expensive and not very good at its job one.

MACK'S product is very different - it’s the application of world class biotechnology. Their mission is to make the MACK range a part of everyone’s domestic cleaning regime and thereby reducing the impact on the planet by reusing old trigger spray bottles and/or repurposing single use plastic bottles into new trigger spray bottles, using only cold water to add to the concentrate to create your cleaning product and therefore saving energy by not heating up water, reducing the amount of harmful chemicals being released into the environment and to make MACK biotech cleaning concentrates affordable to all people. Beautiful.

MACK is made up of Ian Millar, Ant McCourt and Andy Conroy.

Ian is married with two kids and lives in Poole, Dorset. He is an avid outdoorsman with a love of the sea, wild camping and supports Sea Shepherd and Ocearch. He strives to make a difference to the way we interact with the planet that we are all just "hitching a ride on". Ian has a low tolerance for "green washing".

Ant was abandoned as a two year old child in a forest in Dorset. He was taken in and brought up by a family of badgers. These majestic creatures taught him three very important things: 1. The value of a healthy and varied diet. 2. Not everything comes from a supermarket. 3. The preservation of the natural environment. 4. Mathematics. These lessons he still holds dear today - especially the 7th one.

Andy is not so much a Co-Founder but more like the first customer that now won't go away. Like an enthusiastic child but older and taller. Animal lover and multi pet owner, he is currently enjoying the warm glow of helping remove nasty, planet-killing, animal-harming cleaning products from the world, one happy customer at a time.