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Moo & Yoo

Whilst working as a hair stylist and salon owner, Moo & Yoo co-founder Suzie became frustrated that many of the salon products she was using were harsh and irritated her skin. She also became increasingly exasperated that plastic containers were the norm in the hair industry and knew that despite her best efforts, most would never actually be recycled. Whilst there were some good options out there, all came from overseas and the carbon impact negated any benefits. In the absence of anything suitable being available in the UK, Suzie and her daughter Olivia joined forces and decided to create their own solution, bringing gentle and natural products in fully recyclable glass bottles and jars to UK salons and customers. Olivia was keen to be involved, with her passion for sustainability and a business degree behind her she was up for the challenge. Before long the whole family had joined in the journey and Moo & Yoo was born.

Like so many families, they are passionate about preserving the natural beauty around them and eager to help protect the environment. This is why they have made it their mission to work together as a family to create a brand that aligns with their values.

As a family, they always try to make a conscious effort to be more mindful of their consumer habits and the impact they have on our planet. This is why at Moo & Yoo they constantly strive to be as sustainable as possible. They always aim to use the most natural ingredients they can from sustainable and renewable sources, as well as glass and recyclable packaging. They are palm oil and cruelty free and of course their products are not tested on any animals.

They want to encourage everyone to make more conscious decisions when it comes to consumer habits, especially when it comes to plastic consumption! Making small changes really do add up and make the world of difference.