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Purity Natural Beauty

Founded in 2017, after discovering the plastic microbead, Purity Natural Beauty is a natural, ethical, eco-friendly, and sustainable skincare and beauty brand. They are best known for our seed embedded plantable packaging, and planet-friendly beauty products.

Purity Natural Beauty products represent the perfect synergy of natural plant and food resources (nature’s pharmacy) along with the latest in cosmetic technology to produce natural but effective products.

They have made their packaging as green as green can be! They only use glass and aluminium cosmetic jars, their orders are packed plastic free paper, they use paper bubble wrap, biodegradable void filler and FSC approved boxes.

Purity Natural Beauty's mission is to create a healthier connections between humans and nature, raise awareness of current environmental issues, and its impact upon us, encouraging and offering consumers eco-friendly and sustainable cosmetic choices, to ultimately clean up the cosmetic world, preserving the planet and our human health.