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Shower Blocks

Neil, the founder of Shower Blocks, actually hand makes every single one of his Shower Blocks.

In the beginning of 2019, Neil started to feel frustrated about the amount of shower gel bottles he was getting through himself and decided he wanted to find an option that was plastic free. Did you know that close to 200 million shower gel bottles are purchased in the UK annually, with around 82 million of those not getting recycled? It’s a staggering amount and Neil wanted to make a difference even if it was just a few bottles.

He picked up a bunch of different products online or in stores and he struggled to find one that he could really get on board with. They were either far too drying on his skin, or far too expensive to consider for regular usage.

Frustrated that even the new body bars on the market didn’t really solve it (even though they claimed to), Neil decided to just get out there and make a plastic free shower gel himself. One that didn’t compromise.

So, over the course of 9 months (lockdown really accelerated things), he learned to make cosmetics from scratch and set about creating Shower Blocks. As you can imagine there was a lot of learning and a LOT of trial and error involved, but not one to give up (insert montage), he got there in the end.

The development time also gave him time to think about how he wanted to approach the company. Making the product himself allowed him to consider the ethics of the company with much greater flexibility. One thing that Neil feels is important, especially in the current climate, is a company that tries to give back to the local community and make it a part of the business rather than a short term marketing opportunity.

From launch he has managed to forge a partnership with Toiletries Amnesty, who aim to alleviate hygiene poverty by working with a huge range of charities around the country. He donates to them with every Block he sells.