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Soul & Soap

Soul & Soap are the colourful, vibrant and fun bath & body care brand. Known for products that not only look and smell AMAZING, but feed your skin and feed your soul!

Their products are made with skin beneficial ingredients like essential oils, avocado oils and aloe vera extracts and they use natural ingredients wherever possible. They also strongly believe in the importance of quality, which is why they carefully select each ingredient found in their products. Their products don't contain any parabens and harsh chemicals.

Soul & Soap are making changes by offering more plastic free products and recyclable materials eliminating plastic use wherever they can as they do care about our planet. They use only ethically sourced and sustainable ingredients. They also believe that neither animals, humans or the environment should suffer for our luxuries so all their products are cruelty free and most of them are vegan friendly.

They also have lots of plastic free products like solid shampoo bars, lotion bars and they are developing more plastic free products. They pack all orders in cardboard boxes and fill only with 100% biodegradable packing peanuts made of cornstarch.

In this new normal and with our increasingly busy lives and schedules, Soul & Soap believe it’s really important to develop self-care routines and well deserved me time slots to look after yourself! They would love to be a part of yours! Allow them to offer a little luxury, delicious scents, fun and excitement to feed your skin and feed your soul!