Suntribe - natural, reef safe, cruelty free, eco-friendly sunscreen


Suntribe was started more than three years ago by Karl, Hampus and Julia – three friends that love nature just as much as they love pushing themselves to their limits when surfing, climbing or running.

So how come they started Suntribe? Essentially it’s because they feel at home in nature and they want to protect our home. They are tired of the old and overly commercial ways of making sunscreen, and to put it frankly, they are also angry at the way things are. The state in the sunscreen business today is that anything goes – you can use ingredients that are proven dangerous for nature and humans and it’s all perfectly legal. Crazy, right?

Their mission is to contribute to change. That is why they create worry-free natural sunscreens which are 100% free from synthetic chemicals and unnecessary ingredients like perfumes and preservatives. Their products prove that you can have high functionality and safety, there is no need for a compromise. They never put anything in their cosmetics that sacrifices these ideals, such as using synthetic chemicals just because they are cheaper. That’s not the Suntribe way.

Their philosophy is grounded in only using ingredients that have been proven safe – both for us humans and the environment – while still retaining functionality. That’s why they only use organic oils, waxes, butters and natural minerals to formulate their cosmetics. They put all their products through tough, real-world test sessions before launch.

They believe in happy natural sunscreens with no question marks attached, for them and everyone else – adrenaline seeking surfers, laid-back beachgoers, kids, working moms, grandpas, grandmas and weekend hikers. To put natural products on your skin should not be only for a select few, it’s for everyone.