Our Packaging

You can rest assured that every Vera-Bee order you receive will be eco-friendly, 100% plastic free and beautifully packaged. We want you to feel like you're opening a gift from us. Everything can be reused and/or recycled. We also ask all our suppliers that they deliver to us plastic free and we reuse all their packaging too. It's the perfect packaging eco-system!

Our Boxes

All our boxes are carefully selected and we use all shapes & sizes. This means that your order is not only lovingly packed and stays safe on its journey to you, but that it takes up as little room in the postman's van as possible.

Our Cards

Our cards are made from 100% recycled Kraft card. We use the back to write you a little personal thank you note. We really do appreciate you all a lot. We don't include packing slips so as not to waste paper.

Our Stuffing

This is all the stuff we use to make a comfy bed for your products. We only use 100% recycled & unbleached tissue paper (you can recycle or reuse this) and natural, FSC-certified wood wool which is beautiful, eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable. Leave your wood wool outside and birds will use it to make their nests.

Our Tape

We use compostable paper tape (which you can buy on our site too). This also means that if you do recycle or compost your packaging you won't have to remove the tape. Hooray!