Bamboo Body Brush

  • £12.95

Sustainable Bamboo with Coconut Bristles


Great for dry brushing




The perfect Body Brush for smooth, glowing skin

Our Bamboo Body Brush makes your skin feel AMAZING! Natural, plastic free and vegan it scrubs away dead skin cells to reveal fresh, glowing skin. The handle is made from sustainable bamboo and the bristles from coconut with a natural rope handle. Perfect to wrap around your hand when using and for hanging it up to dry.

Sturdy and long-lasting, this Body Brush will last you for years. But when its brushing days are finally over, it will naturally and completely biodegrade. So, you can chuck it in your home compost bin.

We also stock a Vegan Body Brush by the Good Dot Company here.

Great for wet or dry brushing

You can use your Body Brush on wet or dry skin to blast away dead skin cells and improve circulation.

Use wet in the bath or shower to exfoliate skin. We love using our Body Brush with our Body Scrubs for super smooth skin.

Or you can use it on dry skin. We are big fans of dry body brushing as it has lots of great benefits. The brushing helps remove dead skin cells and ingrown hairs for skin that feels smoother. Using a dry Body Brush is also said to help boost circulation and stimulate your lymphatic system – the vessels beneath your skin that help the body detoxify. So, not only does it give you glowing skin, it could also give you an energy boost too. And all for a few minutes a day.


How to use a Dry Body Brush

  • Use your Body Brush on dry skin, before your morning shower. 
  • Start on the soles of your feet, brushing upward towards your heart in short, firm strokes.
  • Move up to your hips and bottom, using circular motions around your tummy and armpits.
  • Let the brush do the work – you don't need to press hard.
  • Make sure you avoid any sore, irritated or sunburnt areas.
  • Allow your body brush to dry completely in-between use. If it gets wet take it out of the shower after using and allow to dry. The bamboo wood absorbs moisture so this is important to avoid mold. 


Post-Brushing Body Care

After using your body brush, hop in the shower to cleanse away any dead skin cells. Make sure to moisturise well afterwards to soothe skin and replenish moisture.

In the morning, try a moisturiser like our Organic Body Butters or Hand & Body Creams. This can be used on wet or dry skin to save time, will keep your skin hydrated for 48 hours and absorbs instantly. So, you can get dressed straight away. For dry skin, apply plenty of nourishing Body Oil like our Organic Cedarwood, Lavender & Juniper Berry Body Oil


What Vera-Bee loves...

  • Sustainably & ethically sourced. 
  • Natural & sustainable bamboo. 
  • Completely plastic-free. 
  • Strong and lightweight. 
  • Vegan. 
  • Has a rope for hanging to allow easy drying. 
  • Contains natural bristles.