Bamboo Cotton Buds x 200 - Bambaw


200 in a Pack

These are Vera-Bee's favourite plastic-free cotton buds. Made from organic cotton with a sustainably-sourced bamboo stick, they are the eco-friendly alternative to plastic cotton buds. And with 200 in the pack, they will last you for ages.

Organic and sustainable

The cotton used in the bud is made from sustainable and ethically-crafted cotton while the bamboo used in the stick is organic and biodegradable.


Why use plastic-free Cotton Buds?

Many of us have seen the image of the tiny seahorse grasping onto a discarded cotton bud with his tail. The reality is that millions of plastic cotton buds already litter our beaches and oceans and may remain there for centuries. Bamboo cotton buds are natural, affordable and will naturally biodegrade. So, make this easy switch today as part of your zero-waste journey. It's a small change but it will help put an end to plastic pollution in our oceans.


Great news!

In a move to help try and curb our reliance on single-use plastics, the Department of Environment, Food & Rural Affairs has announced that from April 2020, a ban will be coming into effect on plastic cotton buds, as well as coffee stirrers and straws.

If you are interested in other easy plastic-free switches, we also stock Bamboo Truthbrushes and Stainless Steel Straws which come in a handy travel case.


Materials: Organic cotton, bamboo, 100% recycled and recyclable box. And nothing else!

Pack Size: 200 cotton buds