Bamboo Hair Comb - Croll & Denecke

Size: 18cm x 4.5cm


A beautiful, natural bamboo hair comb.

Bamboo is extremely sustainable, durable and biodegradable, meaning this comb will last for years.

Maintaining healthy hair means giving it the right care. And that includes the right hairbrush or the right comb. The best way to gently comb your hair is by using hairbrushes and combs made of natural materials. Natural or wooden bristles are gentle to the hair structure and avoid damage and split ends.  These are also great for using when your hair is wet so that you don't stretch the hair with harsh bristles and cause breakage.

When the time comes to throw this comb away, it will naturally biodegrade.

This bamboo comb is 100% plastic-free and comes packaged with a recyclable card tag and secured with natural twine.