Bamboo Soap Dish Round


This gorgeous 100% Organic Bamboo Round Soap Dish by Croll & Denecke will not only look great in your bathroom, it will keep your shampoo and soap bars dry and in tip-top condition. They can also be used in your kitchen, next to your sink.


Sustainable and Ethically Sourced 100% Organic Bamboo

Made of organic bamboo (the fastest growing wood in the world), this is the ideal companion for your plastic-free soap, shampoo and conditioner bars. The simple design keeps the soap from slipping off the dish, while the vents in the bottom keep your soap dry by helping any water drain away. Vera-Bee Tip: You can label your soap dishes so you don't get muddled up with soaps, shampoos etc!   

Caring for your soap dish

Regularly clean and maintain your soap dish. Allow to completely dry from time to time by storing it in a dry, ventilated place to remove moisture. To clean - wash with soapy water then air dry naturally (can be in sunlight).  

About Croll & Denecke

Croll & Denecke was established by Gustav Croll and Theodor Denecke in 1897 and make wellness accessories harnessed from nature, in a responsible and environmentally-friendly way.