Wooden Vegetable/Cleaning Brush

Sustainable beechwood Vegetable brush


100% compostable


14cm x 5.5cm




This vegetable brush is so handy and versatile Use it to remove soil and dirt from your fruit and veggies or for just giving them a bit of a clean.

They also make great general cleaning brushes. We use ours for scrubbing the tiles and grout in the shower.

A vegetable brush with two sides... a dark side, with hard natural union bristles for insensitive vegetables. Then a gentle side with lighter tampico bristles for the sensitive vegetables to be gently cleaned. The wood is FSC® certified beech wood.

Made in Germany. 

Plastic-free and vegan


Environmental Impact, Second Life & Disposal

This handy brush is totally compostable. 

Once it has finally served its purpose, please chop into pieces before adding to your compost heap. Or place it in the bin where it will quickly biodegrade in landfill.