Bath Lover Gift Set

The ultimate gift for the bath lovers!

1 x Grapefruit, Rosemary & Lemongrass Luxury Bath Salts


1 x Organic Bath Melts


1 x Lavender Bath Oil


1 x Beauty Kubes Bath Bomb Allergen-free (1 kube = 2 Baths)


The perfect gift set for bath lovers with our favourite self-care bath products.

Bath Salts -Natural, Organic & Vegan

These luxurious bath salts are a mixture of pretty pink Himalayan rock salt and Epsom salt crystals which help to relieve muscle tension and soothe your skin. Add to that grapefruit oil to lift your mood, citrussy lemongrass oil to invigorate the senses, while rosemary reduces tension.. You simply will not want to get out of the bath!


Bath Melts - Natural, Organic & Vegan

These beautiful organic bath melts will turn bath time into a luxury spa experience! Leaving your skin soft and hydrated they also release a beautiful aroma.

Made using a nourishing and restorative blend of raw organic Shea & Cocoa butters and Sweet Almond Oil, to deeply moisturise and nourish skin.

Rosewood and Bergamot essential oils are added to calm and relax whilst filling the bathroom with a beautiful natural aroma.


Bath Oil - Natural, Handmade & Vegan

A beautifully simple moisturising bath oil with lavender essential oil. This relaxing oil dissolves in your bath water releasing the divine lavender scent. You skin is gently moisturised and retains a light scent of lavender which promotes restful sleep. Almond and sunflower base oils are soothing, nourishing and perfect for dry or sensitive skin. We also love to rub a little of this oil directly on our skin before bed. Blissful.  


Beauty Kubes Bath Kube - Natural, Handmade & Vegan

Plastic free, vegan friendly, palm free bath Kubes work similar to bath bombs, but without the harsh chemicals.  These are full of skin nourishing oils and extracts to ensure your skin is left soft and cared for. 

Enriched with soothing Oats, Cornish clay and Jojoba oil, your skin will feel super-soft and gently cleansed. 

Each Kube weighs 180g and contains two halves, each half provides one bath.