Bath Salts Beauty Sleep - Salt + Steam

432g Glass Jar with Cork Lid


Lavender, Rose & Clary Sage - Beauty Sleep



These luxurious bath salts are a mixture of pretty pink Himalayan rock salt and Epsom salt crystals which help to relieve muscle tension and soothe your skin. Add to that the beautiful blend of relaxing lavender oil, organic rose water & soothing clary sage. You simply won't want to get out of the bath.

A dreamy blend of herbal and floral essential oils help you relax and prepare to drift off, whilst natural salts soften your skin and soothe your muscles. Beauty Sleep is the perfect bedtime treat.

The essential oils leave your skin lovingly moisturised so you will find you won't need to moisturise after your bath. Win, Win!

We also stock these bath salts as a refill option in paper bags so you can refill your jar.

We've had to temporarily make a change with our jars due to supply issues (yay, covid...) so our bath salt jars look a little different at the moment.

Instead of our usual cork lids, we're rocking bamboo and rubber lids for the next few weeks (still plastic-free, still sustainable!) And these make even better reusable Pantry jars once you have used all your bath slats up.  Simply sterilise and reuse for keeping rice, pasta, seeds and nuts fresh.

Himalayan salts contain the same 84 trace minerals and elements that are found in our bodies. Mined from an ancient seabed that has now become the foothills of the Himalayas, these salts are over 250 million years old. A natural exfoliant, they help to clear away dead skin cells whilst replenishing our skins own mineral stores.  When you soak in Himalayan bath salts your skin absorbs the 84 trace minerals and elements into your blood stream, so they are great for boosting your well-being!

Cruelty-free, vegan & zero waste - we love that the Glass Jars with their cork lids can be reused as pantry jars in your kitchen.  


How to use

We recommend a full handful of salts for a relaxing bath, or two handfuls if you’ve got some aches to fix.

When you’re nearly ready to slip into your bath, swirl your salts into the water and leave for a moment to dissolve.

Breathe in the beautiful essential oils and relax.