Recycled Stainless Steel Pint Cup – Pack of Four


568ml – a 'proper' UK pint

Designed and made in the U.K. 


Stainless Steel Pint Cups x 4

These reusable pint cups have been made from recycled, food-safe grade stainless steel and come in a pack of four. They are lightweight and stack together so they are easy to carry around with you.

They are perfect for days out, picnics, festivals, beach days, village and fete days. Or, like us, just for using in your home. Take your stainless steel pint cup out and about with you and you'll never be stuck having to use a plastic cup again.

We've been using ours this summer at local fetes and days out. Pop-up bars and our local beach bars in Brighton have been more than happy to fill them and they have been a great conversation starter! The stainless steel also means your drinks stay cooler for longer. And, let's face it, nothing tastes nice out of a plastic cup!


Made in the U.K.

Like almost everything we stock at Vera-Bee, these stainless steel pint cups have been designed and made in the U.K. from high-quality, UK-sourced, recycled, food grade 304L stainless steel. Sustainable, reusable, non-toxic and non-leaching, they are a great solution to single-use plastic cups.

We also sell these stainless steel pint cups individually.


Vera-Bee loves...

100% recyclable and made from recycled British stainless steel
568ml -  a 'proper' UK pint
Food Safe Grade 304L Stainless Steel
Toxic Free & Odourless
Reusable & Recyclable
Rigorously tested and meets all British Standards
Designed and made in the UK