Build A Gift Box

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Please note: If you choose to send the Gift Box to yourself and add in extra products which are not part of the Gift Box, the whole order will be sent together in one box. 

Hooray! You can now build your very own custom Vera-Bee Gift Box. The perfect eco-friendly and plastic-free gift for birthdays, special occasions or just to say "I love you".

We also have a special Build A Christmas Gift Box page here.

Whether it is for yourself or a loved one, choose from one of our popular Gifts Sets or simply select the products you love to make your Gift Box even more special!

You can also add a card handwritten with a personal message, a Vera-Bee Gift Bag and select what packaging you would like. You can add your message for the card using the Message Box. You'll see this once you start building your box - it'll appear to the right of your screen if you are using a desktop or at the bottom of your screen on mobile.

Then choose whether to send your finished Gift Box to yourself to give in person or send it straight to your recipient by using their address as the Shipping Address at checkout.

There are four simple steps to building your custom Gift Box:

1. Select Your Packaging
2. Add a Vera-Bee Gift Bag (or not)
3. Pick A Card
4. Choose Your Products

Once you've made your choices for each section, just scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on "Next".

That's it! Now, sit back and relax and let the bees at the Vera-Bee Hive do the work. We'll make sure your recipient gets the perfect present they deserve.