Children's Oat & Mango Bath Set - Rowdy Kind

1 x 85g & 1 x 80g

1 bar = 2 bottles


Cruelty-Free & Vegan


Palm Oil Free


No Sulfates, Parabens or PEG



1 x Oat of Control Hair & Everywhere Bar - From climbing to cuddling, being a kid is a contact sport. Tackle extra-stubborn dirt with our Oat of Control Hair & Everywhere Bar — getting them lemony clean from hair to heels, with naturally gentle oats and nourishing, gentle oat silk that gets growing skin glowing!

1 x Man-GO with the Flow Conditioner Bar - Knock knock. Who’s there? Tangles. Tangles who? Exactly! This Man-GO with the Flow Conditioner Bar is neither greasy nor heavy, made specifically for kids with mango butter to moisturise and detangle locks. Simply wet and massage into hair after using Rowdy Kind Shampoo or Hair & Everywhere bars.

This conditioner is very gentle, focusing on removing tangles and staying light for kids' thinner hair.  Rowdy Kind have put in Mango Butter to moisturise, but they're really focused on tangles here because that's what mums & dads told them they wanted.

1 x Rowdy Kind Tin - Whether for a holiday or every day, this Rowdy Kind Tin is perfect for storing their bars tub side. Infinitely recyclable, this aluminium tin can transport any of our bars on whatever adventure - or trouble - you and yours are getting into.


How to use

  • Rub the bar against a wet sponge, cloth or your hands a couple of times to generate a thick, soap-y lather. Then, go at your little stinker with the sponge and the suds will do the rest.
  • The great thing about these bars is you actually can just hand it over to your little one (unlike a liquid where there’s always that risk it’s all going to disappear down the drain!!). Let your child pretend to be a grown-up by handing them the bar and say “go for it” — holding the bar in their hand, instruct them to rub all over their ‘everywhere’ regions. 
  • These Hair & Everywhere Bars are also game to be handwashing soap, sink side. Simply wet hands, give the bar a rub-a-dub, put it back down, rub your fingers and palms together for 20 seconds (singing ‘Happy Birthday’ is a good impromptu timer) and then rinse! Easy peasy.
  • To wash hair, hold the bar in your hand and rub it on the scene of the grime AKA your kid’s wet hair. Then, massage the suds into the hair and scalp with your hands and spread the foam everywhere, rinse as per usual — it really is that simple! 
  • Man-Go with the Flow Conditioner Bar - Once you've done it once, you'll be like "oh, so easy!". Just rub the bar directly onto the longer ends of wet hair, it will almost melt into the hair.  Then massage it up the lengths of the hair with your hands.  Leave it for a minute and then rinse out like normal


How to store your Bars

Like any soap, show your bars love by allowing them to dry out between uses on the side of the tub, sink or shower.