Coconut Bowl - Made from discarded coconut shells - Bambaw

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Waste not, want not with coconut bowls

We love these gorgeous bowls made from discarded coconut shells. Smooth, tactile and stylish, they’re perfect for  every meal - cereal, salads, yogurt, fruit, thai curry... And because these coconut bowls are so lightweight, they are great for camping, picnics and on-the-go. We think everything tastes better from a coconut bowl!

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Why coconut bowls?

Billions of coconuts are harvested every year for their oil, water and flesh. So what happens to the coconut shells?  Traditionally, they are a waste product and go to landfill or are burned.

The solution? Coconut bowls, handcrafted from shells discarded by Indonesian coconut oil producers. Once collected, they are cut, cleaned and sanded. They are then polished with coconut oil for a shiny and smooth surface. The result? Beautiful coconut bowls as the result of an upcycling process which helps to reduce the waste from a natural resource. As you probably know, we love upcycling at Vera-Bee. And this is the perfect example.

Every coconut bowl has been handcrafted by local artisans at well above fair trade standards. And each is unique with it's own shape, colours and markings. They are food safe, reusable and can last a lifetime! What are you waiting for?



Due to their nature, coconut bowls can vary in colour and size - it's part of their beauty.

Diameter: 10 - 12cm
Depth:  6 - 7cm
Volume:  600ml