Soap Rest - LoofCo

  • £2.35

Made from compostable Luffa plant


Size:  7.5cm x 10cm



A natural soap rest handmade from Luffa Aegyptiaca plant. Perfect for keeping your soaps and shampoo bars dry in between uses.

Luffa is great at draining away water from soaps as well as getting rid of soap scum which is so important for making your soap last longer. The Luffa is easy to clean, just rinse and reuse again and again.  They are also great for taking away on holiday - they are extremely lightweight!

This layered loofah pad is carefully stitched together to form a stable rectangular rest for a soap bar by sink, bath or shower. A great idea to stop soap sliding off the edge of the bath or sink when in use!. Despite it being made from natural materials it’s very durable and long-lasting just like other soap dishes. Since it’s plastic-free and natural it’s able to be easily composted in your home compost heap.

Place by sink, bath or shower as needed and rest soap bar on top. In use it will become damp and may swell slightly but is stitched to create a flat aerated cushion for your bar of soap. Periodically rinse well, squeeze out excess water & soap residue and dry between uses. Your LoofCo Soap Rest is long lasting and when worn out can be composted.

What we love

  • Natural
  • Plastic-free
  • Non-toxic
  • Compostable
  • Durable
  • Lightweight