Comfort Cleansing Balm 30ml Sample - White Rabbit Skincare

30ml Aluminium Tin 


Handmade in Scotland, UK

A natural cleansing balm

This White Rabbit Comfort Cleansing Balm effectively cleanses your skin whilst giving it a loving hug at the same time.

Made from 100% natural ingredients, this cleansing balm melts into your skin. It unclogs your pores and removes make-up and impurities with ease, leaving your skin soft, hydrated and glowing. Essential oils of rosemary, eucalyptus and lavender means it smells beautiful too.

This 30ml tin is the perfect size to try the product before you commit the full-size (100ml) or to take away on your travels. We know once you try this you'll be hooked!

This natural Cleansing Balm is vegan, plastic and cruelty free and suitable for all skin types. And because it is 100% natural, it's less abrasive on your skin than harsh chemical-based cleansers and scrubs.

"This is my favourite cleanser to use. Having suffered from acne and hormonal skin since I was a teenager (I'm now 39!), I have used every cleanser and skincare product going. You name it, I've tried it! My biggest fear when moving to a plastic-free alternative was whether my skin would flare up and whether I be able to find an effective cleanser for all my needs? I also now have to think of wrinkles, so this cleanser had a big brief to fill.

I absolutely love this natural cleansing balm. It cleans without being harsh, calms any redness and leaves my skin glowing. Not only is my skin clearer and more hydrated, this balm smells divine and lifts my mood. If you suffer from acne, hormonal spots and/or dehydrated skin, I highly recommend this. I also use the White Rabbit Glycolic Cleanser when my skin is misbehaving and needs a deep exfoliation. along with the Rose & Aloe Face Mask"

Colette @ Vera-Bee.


How to use your Comfort Cleansing Balm

Simply massage a small amount (roughly the same as a ten pence coin) of the balm onto dry skin. Gently remove using a face flannel soaked in a little warm water (our Vera-Bee Flannels are great for this). This also provides gentle and effective exfoliation.

Finish with a splash of cold water and follow up with a toner and moisturiser to nourish your skin after cleansing. We love White Rabbit Orange Blossom & Aloe Vera Toner and Rosehip & Camellia Day Cream.


100% Natural Ingredients

Shea Butter: Rich in vitamins A, E & F.
Castor Oil (Ricinoleic acid): Antiseptic abilities. Penetrates deep in the skin to cleanse and kills bacteria. Unlike other acne treatments it does not dry your skin out. Calms inflammation and leaves skin hydrated.
Olive Oil: Contains six vitamins and provides excellent nourishment.
Olive Wax: Excellent vegan substitute to beeswax with high emollient properties.
Grapeseed Oil: Lightweight, non pore clogging, easily absorbed.
Rosemary Essential Oil: Impressive healing properties, helps protect skin cells from damage often caused by the sun and free radicals, natural antiseptic properties.
Eucalyptus Essential Oil: Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory.
Lavender Essential Oil: Anti-inflammatory, promotes faster healing, great for reducing redness and acne scarring.

Handmade in Scotland, UK.


About White Rabbit

White Rabbit believe in providing premium and natural skincare products which are kind to you and the environment. White Rabbit skincare is 100% naturally derived and 100% free of nasties, including artificial ingredients, palm oil and parabens. Their packaging is all recyclable and plastic-free. Based in Kilmarnock, Scotland, they handmake all their products in the UK and buy all their packaging and ingredients from UK suppliers. They are registered with The Vegan Society, Cruelty free certified by PETA and endorsed by Naturewatch.