Concealer Brush - ZAO Makeup

Bamboo Handle

Vegan & Cruelty-Free



This gorgeous Concealer Brush has been specially designed for the even application and coverage of concealer.

This eco-friendly makeup brush comes with an angled head perfect for maximum coverage and effortless application. The bristles are super soft making in gentle enough to cover blemishes and to use around the eye area. The soft bristles also allow you to blend concealer for a flawless finish.


How to use

  • Dab the tip of the brush gently into the powder. cream or liquid concealer picking up a small amount of concealer.
  • Begin to work under the eyes and darker areas to blend in any imperfections, blending in until you have a flawless complexion. Do the same with covering any blemishes.

Work out your look with Zao's vegan and cruelty-free brushes for complexion, eyes and lips. They allow a precise application of make-up and an extreme comfort thanks to their very soft hair.

As good brushes are essential for a flawless makeup look, Zao has designed a wide professional range. The handles of their brushes are made of bamboo and their hairs are synthetic rather than natural because they are committed to the fight against animal abuse.


How to care for your brush

Wash your brushes gently with cold water, mild soap and rinse well. Then dry them flat on a cloth.



Handle: Bamboo

Brush: Synthetic