Cream & Red Stars Cotton Ribbon 40mm - Go Green

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Reusable 100% Natural Christmas Ribbon. Go Green ribbon is made from renewable raw materials and biodegradable.  The majority of their products are compostable. 

Who said eco-friendly wrapping had to be boring! We searched high & low for the best eco-friendly ribbons & bows that can be reused for years to come. Made from a 100% Cotton, Linen & Paper Raffia.

Use to wrap your presents, decorate your homemade Christmas delights and make eco-friendly Christmas decorations.  These ribbons can be reused as they are made from Cotton and will not tear.

We have a joke in our family - when we collect up all the Christmas wrapping we say 'reusable ribbon'! Colette collects up all the ribbons and uses year after year.  Once the ribbons get a little tired they can be used to repair sting on baubles and Christmas tree decorations.  We also love to use on our homemade Christmas wreaths.


Material: 100% Woven Cotton

Colour: Cream Ribbon with Red Stars & Dots

Size: 40mm x 2 metres

Pack: 1 x 2 metres - wrapped in a paper belly band.


About Go Green

Go Green believe in being sustainable and accepting responsibility for our collective future.  Go Green products are produced from renewable resource, biodegradable and compostable.  They use OEKO-TEX Certified yarns.  Based in Germany they use 20% Solar energy and reduce their carbon through waste heat recovery.