Daily Moisturising Face Butter - Vemel


Mango, Jojoba & Argan Oil


50g glass jar with aluminium lid


Your everyday moisturising treat blended with 100% natural and organic certified ingredients. Bursting with organic mango butter this fast absorbing face butter is rich in vitamins, antioxidants and fatty acids which provide long-lasting nourishment, boosts collagen levels and instantly promotes healthy looking skin.  


What's in it?


Organic Mango Butter: A moisturising miracle from the tropics. Highly moisturising and deeply nourishing skin loving ingredient. Loaded with vitamins A and C, Omega fatty acids and antioxidants, this light and fast absorbing butter will plump and tighten your skin for a smooth and radiant complexion.

Organic Argan Oil: Superfood Extreme for every skin type including acne-prone. Natural source of lipid called Squalane, a powerful anti-aging ingredient that boosts hydration, encourages cell regeneration and prevents the loss of moisture. Rich in vitamin E and carotene, Argan is an easily absorbed oil that helps to regulate sebum production and fight acne.

Organic Jojoba Oil: The hero ingredient that naturally carries nutrients deeply into your skin. This remarkable liquid wax so closely resembles our own sebum that it absorbs quickly and penetrates deeply through our skin’s layers. We love this soothing oil for its skin calming and protecting properties. Packed with vitamins E and B as well as antioxidants.

Organic Shea Butter: Your skin’s best friend. Shea Butter steps in to help improve and calm any skin conditions. Antioxidant and vitamin rich with extensive anti-inflammatory properties, unrefined Shea butter can repair your skin and slow cellular degeneration while offering extra protection against the sun’s harmful rays. Skin conditioning, toning, soothing.  


What we love...


  • Organic & Natural: Vemel only use 100% natural and certified organic ingredients.
  • 100% Waterless: Simply means Vemel only use 100% pure potent ingredients, free of preservatives, synthetics and toxins.
  • 100% Plastic Free: Created in synergy with the planet, sustainable, biodegradable, reusable.
  • Vegan Certified: Vemel's whole brand is vegan certified and cruelty free.

How to use your Daily Moisturising Face Butter


Using the organic bamboo spatula provided, add a pea size amount of butter into your hand and warm it between your palms. Massage into clean, damp skin using light circular movements to boost circulation. Use morning and night for ultimate nourishment.  


Made for...


Everyone! Vemel's products are suitable for all skin types as well as being both gender and age neutral.  




Naturally scented universal blend with no added fragrance or essential oil, only the purest raw ingredients.


Organic Mango Butter*, Organic Jojoba Oil*, Organic Shea Butter*, Organic Argan Oil*, Organic Arrowroot*, Natural Vitamin E.
*Certified Organically Grown Ingredient
At Vemel we go the extra mile when sourcing our accessories. Our 100% natural and eco-friendly bamboo spatulas come from sustainable FSC certified forests.  

About Vemel

Welcome to Vemel the home of truly natural waterless skincare, manufactured in the heart of Berkshire, England. Vemel was born as an antidote to the chemical overload that we find in our every-day lives in our quest to help our children who suffered for years with eczema related skin conditions and allergies.
We believe that by reducing the chemicals that we absorb on a daily basis we can make long terms benefits to our overall health. Peeling back the labels on all the beauty products in our home was an epic eye opener for us. The beauty industry has simply lost its connection with what really nourishes us and instead replaced it with 95% water, preservatives and synthetics. Our approach to this has been to create a Truly Natural skincare range and Waterless has been the key to this discovery. Water, along with emulsifiers which are needed to allow water to penetrate the skin, breed bacteria. Without water we simply don’t require any preservatives, emulsifiers or chemicals of any kind. This allows our whole range of cosmetics to be made solely of 100% natural and organic vitamin, mineral and antioxidant rich skin nourishing ingredients. The whole ethos of Vemel brand is based around honesty. We want to help consumers make a conscious choice towards reducing their chemical intake and we are committed to using only the purest, most potent food grade ingredients. With you in mind, we designed our labels to be simple, clear and transparent. Our brand is both gender and age neutral to be used freely by the whole family.
Our brand is 100% plastic free which includes all aspects of our packaging. We’ve said “No” to using pipettes for our serums as they are not recyclable, choosing aluminium screw caps instead.
The smooth and luxurious feel of every cosmetic box that you hold is because of a clear plastic outer coating known as ‘lamination’. Vemel have said “NO,” to this, as it prevents all boxes from being recycled. We have also made a conscious decision to use no outer packaging on some of our product range where we felt this viable. Our glass jars and bottles come from partly recycled glass and are fully recyclable, along with all our biodegradable packaging. We are however continuously on the look out to further improve the recycled content of all our packaging.