Deodorant Starter Set Fresh Burst - milly&sissy

50ml glass roller-on bottle with glass roller & bamboo lid


10g compostable refill sachet in Fresh Burst


Bicarbonate of Soda & Aluminum Free 


This plastic-free Deodorant Set by milly&sissy includes a refillable 50ml glass roller-on bottle and a 10g deodorant refill in Fresh Burst fragrance which makes up 50ml of deodorant.

We are proud to test all of our products and we fell in love with these deodorants as they really work, keeping you fresh all day!

Made from 99% natural ingredients and all the good stuff for long-lasting underarm protection.

Just mix up with tap water at home to create your gorgeous deodorant. Designed to reduce plastic waste, keep your bottle forever and refill with the plastic-free pouches.

The refill pouches are completely biodegradable and home compostable. After you've used them, just cut up and pop in your compost bin or in your normal bin where they will break down quickly and naturally in landfill.

Water represents more than 80% of the weight in the majority of bathroom products. milly&sissy products contain no water giving a huge 94% reduction in transport carbon emissions.

As with the entire milly&sissy range, this deodorant is vegan, cruelty free, hypoallergenic (so great for those with sensitive skin), and leaves you with zero waste.


Vera-Bee loves....

  • Contains 2 different odour absorbers - very effective

  • Eliminates odour-causing bacteria - no smelly pits

  • 2 fabulously fresh fragrances - you'll love them (Fresh Burst & Cotton Fresh)

  • Vegan & cruelty free  - of course!

  • Zero waste - the sachets are compostable & bottle refillable for years

  • No water transported - saving on transport carbon emissions

  • 99% natural ingredients - no nasties

  • Super cute bottle & glass roller ball with bamboo lid

  • No bicarbonate of soda

  • No parabens or SLS or palm oil

  • No aluminium

  • No plastic waste


How to make your deodorant

1.  Pour 40ml of hot water (45 - 50°C) into a jug.
2. Loosen the powder in the sachet, pour into the jug and gently mix ensuring you don't create foam, then pour into the 50ml deo bottle.
3. Add the roller and lid and give it a good shake.
4. Leave it overnight for all the ingredients to make friends.
5. In the morning give it another good shake & you're ready to go.

When your product is finished, remove the roller & casing (it's easy when warmed up inhot water for 2 minutes). Clean the bottle and roller, follow refill instructions (above) and click back to place. 



Aqua, Maranta arundinacea, Kaolin, Cetearyl alcohol, Triethyl citrate, Gluconolactone, Sodium benzoate, Zinc oxide, Xanthan gum, Parfum, Citric acid, Calcium gluconate


About milly&sissy

milly&sissy products are (and always will be) vegan and cruelty free - they are approved by The Leaping Bunny programme and certified by The Vegan Society. They have been carefully formulated taking into account both your skin and our environment using 99.7% natural ingredients. All products are free from SLS (sodium laurel sulphate, the ingredient used to create the froth), parabens (preservatives which can cause skin irritations and more sinister problems), allergens and palm oil. The bottles are made either from British made glass or aluminium and all refill sachets are compostable leaving zero waste. All suppliers are carefully selected based on their ethics and environmental consciousness.