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Handmade in Essex, UK





This 100% Natural Drain Freshener is truly fantastic and it smells lovely too! It fizzes up and removes residue build-up down your drains as well as removing odours. 

We also love how it removes soap scum around plugholes, the shower and bath tub. Natural products for drain cleaning are safer than toxic chemical-based cleaners. Many commercial cleaning products have hazardous chemicals on their ingredient list. These chemicals can end up in the environment into our water ways. Along their course to outside groundwater, these chemicals can spell trouble for the pipes as well.

This simple but effective drain freshener helps remove build-up and smelly odours.  Use every couple of weeks to keep your drains clean. 

If you are using natural soap bars and finding you have residue around the plughole then this drain freshener will be your new best cleaning friend!  It simply fizzes away and removes soap scum with ease.   


A Natural Drain Freshener

Handmade in Essex, UK by Herbal Homes, with natural and vegan ingredients. The drain cleaner is non-toxic and safe for you and the planet.

Lemon has powerful antibacterial and stain removing properties that also disinfect, clean and eliminate odours. There's no plastic container for you to worry about either. This natural drain freshener come delivered to us in brown paper and that's exactly how we deliver them to you too.

Ideal for homes looking for a more sustainable and eco-friendly alternative that really work when it comes to household cleaning. Also great for cleaning drains in your sinks, shower and bath. Which is especially good if you use natural soap bars as these will help clean away any suds and residue from your drains.  


How to use your natural Drain Freshener

Simply scoop a spoonful of the powder into your drain, a splash of water to help it down and start the fizz. Leave for it to do its fizzy work! You can also sprinkle a little around your plughole or anywhere in your sink, shower or bath that you need to remove soap scum.

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What we love...

  • 100% Natural

  • Effective cleaning

  • Suitable for septic tanks

  • No synthetic fragrances

  • Vegan & cruelty free

  • Plastic Free

  • Easy to use

  • Fully recyclable & compostable

  • Packaged in brown paper 

  • Kind to you & the planet


    Bicarbonate of soda, citric acid, lemongrass essential oil.