Eco Beeswax Fire Lighters - GoodToBee

Approx 30 Fire Lighters
Handmade in Northampton, UK



The perfect eco-friendly replacement for petroleum and chemical-based fire lighters. These Eco Beeswax Fire Lighters are made from organic cotton and are waterproof. They burn strong and clean with a soft honey scent.


About our Beeswax Wraps

Our Eco Fire Lighters are lovingly handmade in Northampton by GoodToBee, a family business with the same ethos as us at Vera-Bee - zero waste and zero impact. They are made using 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, organic jojoba oil, natural tree resin and ethically-sourced wax which helps to support our British beekeepers.

Made from GoodToBee's beeswax wraps off cuts, they are the ultimate zero waste and natural way to light barbeques, bonfires, log burners and chimeras. 


How to use

Simply light with a match or lighter. Each fire lighter will burn for approximately 3-5 minutes. Or twist a few together for a longer burn if needed.

Being naturally waterproof, they are perfect for camping trips and British summers! 

As a natural, non-toxic product, they are fine to be stored next to food.