Eco Dishwasher Tablets Plastic Free x 40 - Homethings

40x dishwasher tablets


All in one with rinse aid and salt


Outperforms Ecover & Finish All-In-One


Eco Dishwasher Tablets that are actually eco, these powerful, plant-based dishwasher tabs clean your cutlery without forking up the planet. Each pack contains 40x vegan and cruelty-free dishwasher tablets and both the tablets and packaging are completely plastic free.

Based on manufacturer tests for evaluating the cleaning power of dishwasher tablets, Homethings's Eco Dishwasher Tablets have been proven to outperform Ecover & Finish All-In-One.

Effective against tough stains, even at 45°C, thanks to active oxygen, there is no need for rinse aid or dishwasher salts: these all-in-one tabs have it all. They contain organic eucalyptus oil which has natural anti-microbial properties

The wrapper around the tablet is 100% biodegradable. There's no need to unwrap before you use it - it will dissolve completely in your dishwasher.

These tablets are made from 96% plant and mineral-based ingredients and absolutely no nasties (so no phosphates and no chlorine). Plus, they are made in the EU.


How to use

Just pop one tablet in your dishwasher and run on an eco cycle. No need to unwrap.


About Homethings

The world is bonkers. A typical cleaning spray is 95% water packaged in a plastic bottle and we’re using billions of them to clean our homes. Even the ‘eco’ brands are selling us single-use plastic sprays, dishwasher tabs wrapped in plastic and laundry detergent bottled in.. you get the picture. Where’s the method in that madness?

It’s no use covering up the problem by saying “just recycle” (when only 9% of plastic ever has been) it’s time to Rethink What’s Under Your Sink. Homethings make powerful and actually eco things that, when you run out, you just add tap water and keep on refilling. Again + Again + Again.

Homething's mission is simple: powerful, planet-positive products that make sense, keeping your home (and our planet) clean.

No Liquid Things - They will never ship water.

No Single-Use Plastic - They will never use single use plastic.

No Nasty Things - They will never use harmful ingredients.

No Greenwashing - They will never use claims that they believe to be misleading.

No Animal Products - They are always vegan and cruelty free certified.

No Unknown Things - They produce their formulas with manufacturers in the UK and EU and know the source of their raw materials.



5%-15% Oxygen-Based Bleaching Agents, <5% Non-Ionic Surfactants, Polycarboxylates. Also contains enzymes and perfumes.


Cardboard Box: 100% recycled cardboard, widely recycled