Face Flannels Midas - Vera-Bee

100% Organic Cotton Flannel & Cotton Towelling
Handmade in the Vera-Bee Hive, West Sussex




Lovingly handmade in the Vera-Bee Hive in West Sussex, our Cotton Face Flannels are our earth-friendly, reusable alternative to face and makeup wipes.


Ditch the wipes

Our Face Flannels come in packs of five. They can be used with your favourite cleanser and warm water over the basin or in the shower to remove makeup and dirt. We love using them with our White Rabbit Comfort Cleansing Balm followed by a splash of cold water. And because they are designed to fit snugly over your hand, it's easier for you to get into every nook and cranny.

They’re also great for drying your face after cleansing, using in the shower/bath for creating lots of lovely foam, and with warm water to clean mucky little faces. 

We have made the pretty side from supersoft organic cotton flannel. The business side is made from 100% soft cotton towelling.

Once you’re done, throw your face flannels in the wash and use them again and again and again.

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Why use Face Flannels...

The earth and your skin are precious. The majority of disposable face and makeup wipes come packaged in single use plastic and are non-recyclable. They therefore end up in landfill or being flushed into the sewer system. Here, they can cause blockages or make their way into the oceans where they impact marine life. In addition, most contain non-biodegradable plastic, polyester, formaldehyde-releasing preservatives to keep them fresh and alcohol which dehydrates your skin. And no one wants that.



Handmade in the Vera-Bee Hive, West Sussex.

Materials: Organic cotton flannel & cotton towelling

Pack Size: 5 x Face Flannels

Dimensions: 18cm x 12cm