Face Mask - Mixed Pattern Cotton

Double-layered, pleated cotton


Elasticated ear loops


Mixed patterns



This cotton Face Mask with elasticated ear loops is pretty as well as practical. It's the perfect size to cover your mouth to chin on most adults. The pleats stretch so they cover from your nose bridge to under your chin. And because they are made from cotton, you can throw them in the wash as often as you need to.

We also have an organic cotton face mask in Grey or Black which have Bacterial & Particle filtration efficiency of 96% & 98%.

It is made from two layers of pleated cotton. One side is a pattern and the other side is a plain colour so you can easily tell which side you have towards you. And for a man the plain side can be worn on the outside. We also have some that are plain on each side. 

These Face Masks are made from an assortment of pretty cotton patterns and we have some that are plain on both sides.

If there is a particular pattern/colour you would like, please let us know in the 'Comment Box' at checkout. We will do our best to send you the one you want.

Please note these Face Masks are NOT medical grade masks and are NOT considered PPE.