Foragebom Edible Herbs Seedbom - Kabloom

Foragebom contains a mix of edible common wild hedgerow herbs


Weight: 25g


Size: 5cm × 5cm × 8cm


Coverage: 10-15cm sq - small pot size



Grow your own herbs. Foragebom contains a mix of edible common wild hedgerow herbs. Throw and grow your own. Can be planted in the ground or in pots.

Spring is the perfect time of year to scatter your Beebom. It's a great family activity too!

Beeboms need no gardening skills, just throw your Beeboms onto cleared soil and await the blossom of colour and the return of native bee and butterfly species.

Pull the pin and throw or drop Seedboms into areas that are in need of brightening up. Seedboms like bare soil, natural light and to be kept damp whilst growing. Full instructions are included on inside of each Seedbom sleeve.

Seedboms will biodegrade into the environment, leaving only plants behind.

"I loved watching the wildflowers grow in the boarders on our garden last year, I can't wait for the same this year.  I had the most beautiful display of wildflowers and many bees and butterflies visited. I love these beeboms they make it so easy!"

Colette @ Vera-Bee


Seed mix

Wild Marjoram, Borage, Yarrow, Wild Carrot, Meadowsweet, Wild Thyme & Common Sorrell.



Seedboms are designed to create little wildflower pockets as opposed to a larger spread/meadow type of growing. Typically they take up an area of around 10-15cm sq i.e. small pot size. Height wise some plants can grow up to 2 feet +.


How to scatter your Beeboms?

  • First shake the seedbom a few times to distribute seeds inside.
  • Trigger by pulling the pin to remove the seal and submerge in water until fully soaked inside and out.
  • Throw or drop onto bare open ground that’s in need of beautification. IMPORTANT: Make sure it's split open to allow seedlings to sprout out!
  • There are 2 seasons to grow Seedboms. Spring for flowering same year (March - June) and Autumn (August - October) for flowering the following year.


About Seedboms

You can help bring the Bees Back!

97% of natural bee and butterfly habitat has been lost in the UK since WW2. 97%. Ninety seven percent. It's frightening and critical.

With your help, we can start to restore the lost wildflower habitat and make an important contribution to the biodiversity of Great Britain.

Seedboms are the friendly bombs that grow. Guerrilla Gardening grenades filled with flower power potential. Join forces with nature to transform unloved spaces with a blast of life and colour!Filled with an explosive mix of organic peat-free compost and wildflower or herb seeds.  Weapons of choice for Guerrilla Gardeners. A potent symbol of war transformed into a symbol of peace! 

Easy to use. You don’t need to be a gardener and there‘s no need to plant them. Seedboms split open upon impact with the ground and grow where they land. Help sustain bee, butterfly and other important insect populations by growing nectar rich wildflowers.

Beedboms are assembled in the UK (our shell casings are made in the Netherlands, all other materials sourced in the UK). Starch based biodegradable and compostable shell, organic peat-free compost, native wildflower / herb seeds, FSC 100% recycled and recyclable glue free paperboard packaging.