Glass Nail File - Fresh Therapies

This sustainable & reusable glass nail file.

These really do work so much better than disposable nail files. Glass nail files are so much kinder to your nails as well as the planet. They file your nails much more evenly, helping to prevent splits and chipping. As well as being much more hygienic they do not wear out. They come in an eco-friendly wooden case which keeps them protected and this also makes them easier to find in your bag too.

Glass Nail Files seal the nail tip as you file, preventing water, dirt and debris from seeping into the nail tip. This is one of the reasons nails can chip, crack and peel, so after you use your glass nail file for about one month, you will notice a considerable difference in how strong your nails are. The filing surface is so smooth so it will not disturb nail polish during touch ups and this glass file comes with a pointed tip for hard to reach cleaning of the nails.