Hessian Fruit/Vegetable Grocery Bag - Large

35cm x 30cm


100% hessian burlap (jute)




Strong and durable Large Hessian Fruit & Vegetable Produce Bag in a gorgeous rustic design. We stock these in Medium and Large. Or, you can buy both as a set.

Perfect to take with you to the supermarket, farm shop, local fruit and vegetable market or for keeping your fruit and veg organised and fresh at home.

Use instead of single-use plastic fruit and veg bags in the supermarket and even brown paper bags at the market. They fold up small so you can slip them in your handbag. 

These bags are also great for buying zero-waste produce such as nuts, seeds, dried fruit, pasta, lentils etc.  Or at the bakery for transporting your bread or pastry without using a plastic bag!