Himalayan Salt & Rose Bath Bomb - Vera-Bee

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Himalayan Salt & Rose Bath Bomb

Plastic Free



Romance in a bath.  Luxuriate in the relaxing aroma of rose while real petals drift by with our Rose Bath Bomb. With Himalayan Salt adding that extra luxury. Himalayan salts contain the same 84 trace minerals and elements that are found in our bodies. Mined from an ancient seabed that has now become the foothills of the Himalayas, these salts are over 250 million years old. A natural exfoliant, they help to clear away dead skin cells whilst replenishing our skins own mineral stores.  When you soak in Himalayan bath salts your skin absorbs the 84 trace minerals and elements into your blood stream, so they are great for boosting your well-being!.

The rose petals disperse into the water to bring the luxury of a spa into your home.

Your bath bomb comes completely plastic free - we just wrap it in our recycled and recyclable tissue paper.


How to use your Bath Bomb

Fill your bath with water. Drop your bath bomb into the water - it will dissolve and fill the water with fragrant essential oils and rose petals. Relax and enjoy!


Sodium BicarbonateCitric AcidSodium ChlorideAquaRosa Centifolia FlowersCananga Odorata OilCocos Nucifera oil*Benzyl Benzoate*Benzyl Salicylate*Farnesol*Linalool. *Naturally occurring in Essential Oils 


Just recycled and recyclable unbleached tissue paper.