Iron & Velvet Plastic-Free Cleaning Products - Kitchen, Bathroom & Glass (Set of 5)

2 x Antibacterial Kitchen Surface Cleaner


2 x Antibacterial Bathroom Surface Cleaner


1 x Glass & Mirror Cleaner


Each sachet makes 500ml of cleaning product


Bottles & trigger sprays sold separately or, better still, use ones you already have 

Iron & Velvet are a 100% plastic-free range of cleaning products made in the UK. Their innovative water-soluble refill sachets can be used in any existing trigger spray, plastic or glass, you may have at home. It eliminates the need for single use plastic bottles.

With an estimated 13 billion plastic bottles being used in the UK every year, Iron & Velvet believe everyone can make a difference, no matter how small. These Iron & Velvet cleaning products come in concentrated water-soluble sachets and are delivered to you in a little cardboard box.

Don’t underestimate these little sachets. They may be small in size but they are mighty in cleaning power. And every single one smells absolutely delicious.


Set of Five

This set of five sachets contains: 

  • 2 x Antibacterial Surface Cleaner (Kitchen) - Coconut & Lime
  • 2 x Antibacterial Surface Cleaner (Bathroom) - Ylang Ylang
  • 1 x Glass & Mirror Cleaner - Apple & Mint

Each box also includes a handy sticker for each product for you to stick on your bottle.  

We also sell an Iron & Velvet Kitchen, Bathroom, Glass, Floor & Oven Set of 5 with 1 x Antibacterial Kitchen Surface Cleaner, 1 x Antibacterial Bathroom Surface Cleaner, 1 x Glass & Mirror Cleaner, 1 x Floor Cleaner and 1 x Oven Cleaner.


Antibacterial Surface Cleaner (Kitchen) - Coconut & Lime

With coconut and lime, Iron & Velvet’s Antibacterial Surface Cleaner for Kitchens is able to penetrate dried foods and greases to leave your kitchen surfaces clean and bacteria free. You can use it on worktops, hobs, cupboard doors and tiles.


Antibacterial Surface Cleaner (Bathroom) – Ylang Ylang

This Antibacterial Bathroom Surface Cleaner will leave a sparkling finish on your sink, bath, taps and tiles. It also contains a powerful antibacterial agent to eliminate hidden germs.


Glass & Mirror Cleaner - Apple & Mint

Use this on all your windows and mirrors for a smear-free clean. Simply spray a small amount onto the surface and wipe with a clean cloth. Use a second dry cloth for a streak free sparkle.


How to use your Iron & Velvet Cleaning Products

  • Rinse your existing empty plastic or glass bottle with water 
  • Insert the sachet into your bottle 
  • Top up to 500ml with lukewarm water 
  • Replace and tighten the trigger spray/lid 
  • Shake until dissolved 
  • Pop the product sticker (included) on your bottle and it’s ready to use.


About Iron & Velvet

Iron & Velvet was launched in 2014 with the aim of bringing high quality, luxury cleaning products to market. Almost 5 years on and they have a new mission; The War on Plastic Pollution. Their desire is to bring that same quality and luxury to a 100% plastic free range of cleaning products. Since the end of 2017, they have been developing their products using plant-derived, sustainably-sourced active ingredients as well as pure essential oils for their fragrances wherever possible. Iron & Velvet manufacture everything under one roof in the heart of the West Midlands and have a small team of highly-skilled staff to ensure the highest quality and lowest carbon footprint they possibly can.