Love Bees Wildflower Seed Gift Set - Seedball

A beautiful little set of two wildflower tins – LOVE & BEES – in a bee embossed gift box




Love Bees Gift Set

A lovely gift Set presented in a beautiful Bee embossed Gift Box.

Each tin contains 20 seed balls bursting with UK native wildflower seeds. The ‘LOVE’ tin is our Sky Meadow mix and ‘BEES’ our Bee Mix (see seed details below). Super simple to use and grow. with total coverage of up to 2 sqm or 10 medium planters. Fabulous for bee lovers of all ages 

Bees Mix

A mix of native wildflowers that bees will just love! This carefully selected mix is designed specifically to attract solitary bees, honey bees and bumblebees. Each seed ball contains approximately 30 seeds from a mix of Birdsfoot Trefoil, Foxglove, Red Clover, Viper’s Bugloss and Wild Marjoram – all recommended as bee-friendly plants by the Bumblebee Conservation Trust. We’ve also added a sprinkling of pollinator-friendly annuals Chamomile, Cornflower, Corn marigold, and Night-flowering catchfly.

Love Mix 

An all blue-flowing native wildflower mix bursting with Cornflowers, Forget-me-nots, Meadow cranesbill, Self Heal and Wild Clary. Did you know that bees see colour in a different way to humans? They respond to blue and ultraviolet light, and this mix is designed to provide an attractive mix of blue wildflowers to help attract our buzzing friends to your balconies and garden beds!


    What is Seedball?

    A ball made from seeds, clay, peat-free compost and chili powder.


    Why use Seedballs?

    The ball prevents the seeds from being a tasty lunch for birds and insects, thereby increasing the chances of your flowers growing. Plus they’re super easy to use, no digging and no expert knowledge needed!

    What's in the Tin?

    There are 30 balls in each tin, and around 30 seeds per ball.

    How do I use Seedballs?

    Throw onto soil or compost in a garden bed or planter in Spring or Autumn, leaving at least 10cm between each ball. Your Seedball has everything it needs to grow and, once the ball becomes moist and the temperature is right, your seeds will germinate!


    What area will my Seedballs cover?

    We would usually advise 20 seed balls per square metre, or 3-5 seed balls for a 35cm container.



    All seed is responsibly sourced in the UK from Flora Locale accredited suppliers, we only ever use peat-free compost and our steel tins are manufactured in London (with the help of a solar farm on the factory roof).