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All you need in one box
100% Organic Cotton 



A lovely little kit with all you’ll need to make 3 medium organic beeswax food wraps of your very own. For busy crafty eco fingers this is an absolute must-have and it also makes the perfect gift for eco-friendly friends and family. 

The beautiful vibrant Folkland design is inspired by the colours and textures of nature working in harmony with our amazing planet. 

Our Beeswax Wrap Kits are lovingly made in Northampton by GoodToBee, a family business with the same ethos as us at Vera-Bee - zero waste and zero impact. The 100% soft organic cotton is printed with organic dyes and the beeswax is made using ethically-sourced UK beeswax, damar tree resin and organic jojoba oil.


The perfect Beeswax Wrap every time

GoodToBee's 100% Organic Cotton and cute little wax bars of their unique wax blend will give you the perfect wrap every time.

Easy instructions make this a fun, creative craft with a fabulous eco twist and wonderful wraps that will keep your food fresh for at least a year.

Getting the right mix of ingredients for homemade wax wraps can be a nightmare. But with this little kit you get it right first time and every time.

What's in the box?

3 x organic cotton fabric squares (25cm x 25cm with pinked edges)

3 x beeswax bars - ethically sourced bees wax, damar tree resin and organic jojoba oil

2 x sheets of unbleached parchment paper

You will also need an iron, ironing board and an old tea towel to make your wraps.


How to use your Beeswax Wraps

The average family wastes on average £700 of food a year and uses over 2000 sq. ft of single use plastic. GoodToBee Food Wraps help preserve your food without plastic, are easy to clean and are simply a joy to use.

You’ll find endless uses in the kitchen from covering bowls of leftovers to keeping cheese fresh and herbs crisp and nutritious for days. Don’t forget to tuck one in a bag to use as a clean surface to eat off when out and about.

The key to using food wraps is the warmth of your hands. Hold them for a few seconds and you’ll feel them soften. Scrunch into a ball and unwrap again to activate before first use. They really are so easy and such a joy to use - you won't miss clingfilm at all.


Love and Care for your Beeswax Wraps

A quick rinse with cool water and maybe a little dish soap, like our Organic Dish Washing Soap Bar is all they need. Hang to dry naturally over the dish rack and you’re ready to use them again and again. Fold them for storage in a drawer or they look beautiful rolled up in a jar on the worktop. Avoid heat and flame and do not use in the microwave. Make sure food and bowls are cold before wrapping.


Keeping them going strong

If your Beeswax Wraps start to look a little tired after a few months, no problem. Simply lay them on a baking sheet and place them in a preheated medium oven for two minutes. Lift them out and carefully hold them up quickly to dry in seconds. You have now re-pasteurised and refreshed your Vegan Bags and got them looking as good as new. Yay!

Or if they need re-waxing, we stock the GoodToBee Beeswax Re-Waxing Bar here.

Loving your wraps like this every few months means they will give you about a year’s worth of hard work. Just think how much plastic you’ll save! Once their wrapping days are over simply pop them on the compost heap or scrunch them up to use as firelighters.